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how to clean air ducts yourself

Cleaning the air ducts on your own- Here’s how to do it right!

Regularly cleaning your house is essential for your health, and one of the things many people skip is duct cleaning. The air ducts in your house have millions of particles of hair, pollen, dirt,...
reasons to keep carpets clean

Why clean carpets – 7 reasons to keep the carpets clean

It’s both lovely and challenging to be a homeowner. From checking the furnace now and then to cleaning the carpets, there are numerous things that homeowners have to address for a good and happy...
pillow sham

What Is A Sham

We spend a lot of time in our beds so it only makes sense that we try our best to feel as comfortable as we can. From choosing the right mattress to using the...
What Is a Platform Bed

What Is a Platform Bed

The novelty of materials in mattresses build its ups and downs. Even though we have the possibility of enjoying all sorts of comfort levels or firmness, we need to address all kinds of problems...
What Is a Fitted Sheet

What Is a Fitted Sheet

When it comes to bedding, every little detail counts for the ultimate comfort, and the bedding makes no exception. Do you sleep cool? Do you like your sheets to be tightly tucked in? Are...