Alaskan King Bed Vs. California King

alaskan King Bed Vs California King

Even if you don’t know much about sizes of mattresses, you most definitely know that a King mattress is quite large. If California King sounds big, what about the Alaskan King? Wasn’t the King-sized bed the largest of them all?

In all fairness, the King bed was the most significant size until the 60s, when the California King hit the market for the first time. Don’t think that large beds are a thing of modern times, as large mattresses were made ever since with the 16th century.

However, in the last decade, consumers began to express their interest in mega-beds and custom mattresses as well. Bigger and better is one fundamental rule when it comes to beds too, which is why the King sized mattress is a standard size, whereas the Alaskan King has become an attractive choice for the people with particular needs.

How big is the Alaskan King though?

Alaskan King bed

If you’re big on numbers, here’s some useful info for you. The largest mattress ever recorded was the one made in 2011 in the Netherlands; it was 86’ x54’.

A regular king is 80”x76”, whereas an Alaskan King impresses with the 108”x108”. For some, the King is large enough for a comfortable sleep with their loved one. But there’s always the people that crave more space when sharing the sleeping the surface. With a larger sleeping surface comes the hope that the motion transfer and sounds are also going to be lower than with a King bed.

For the parents liking the idea of co-sleeping, sharing the bed with kids and pets alike, the King bed is going to feel too tight. It was only a matter of time until a larger size than the King size would appear.

Is the Alaskan King the right choice for you?

Here are the main categories of consumers benefitting the Alaskan King:

  • Couples sharing the bed with their kids and pets
  • Tall or large people
  • People finding the King to be too short
  • Couples that don’t share the same sleep schedule; they may want to control the sleep disruptions
  • People that see a King bed too narrow

What are the benefits of Alaskan King mattress?

It’s a visible note that the larger sleeping surface is the main benefit of the Alaskan King mattress. Three and even four people may sleep comfortably in an Alaskan King. It’s like a sleep oasis for two people.

However, let’s list the main good things attached to the large size of bed:

  • It allows more movement while reducing the risk of sleep disruption from your partner.
  • Kids and pets are going to fit more comfortably on the Alaskan King when you co-share the bed
  • It’s an excellent option for the big and tall consumers that are always looking for more comfort in their bed

What to consider when buying an Alaskan King?


The most crucial aspect to consider when planning to buy an Alaskan King is whether it’s going to fit in your bedroom or not.

  • The measurements

Fundamentally, you make all the measurements you need to see if it’s fitting or not. However, that it’s not enough to have the measurements of your bed; you also need to measure the doorways and the stairways in your home. It’s useless to get a mattress that fits your bedroom, but it’s too big to get through the main door.

Luckily for the customers, some Alaskan Kings comes in modules so that the delivery and the assembly go smoother.

  • The frame and the bedding

A large mattress means it also needs a big bed frame and sheets. You’re going to find manufacturers and bedding boutiques that are going to help you with the bedding.

You should expect to pay more for the bedding on an Alaskan king, without emptying your wallet, though. If the custom way sounds too complicated for you, you should go online and search for the alternatives.

Getting the bedding dimensions right is essential, with the 12-16 rule being the main guideline when selecting the comforter. Typically, the quilts are wider than they are long, so finding an excellent comforter is essential. Ideally, the bedding should hang over both sides of the bed with the length covering only the foot side of the bed.

If the 12-16 rule is new to you, you should know that it implies that you have to add 12″ for the comforter’s length and 16″ for the comforter’s width. With the 108″x108″ dimensions of the Alaskan King, it means that the bedding should be 124″ full and 120″ long.

  • Side note: What’s the Wyoming King Bed?

The Wyoming King is 84”x84”, which may solve the problem of the California King, which some find it to be too narrow for their needs.

The Wyoming King is a fantastic solution for someone looking for a bit more space, but not as much as an Alaskan King would offer.

If you like to share your bed with your little ones or your smaller pets, the Wyoming King needs may be what you need precisely.

What’s to say about the California King in a nutshell?


The California King got its name from its popularity on the west coast of the USA. People like it because it’s a rather large be, but narrower than the great King size bed. Some also name the California King as the Western King, but it was merely because of where the size is most commonly known. Let’s not forget that the regular King is also known as the Eastern King.

Despite the confusion, the California King isn’t larger than the regular King. Truth be told, the California King is longer than the yearly King. After all, this size is supposed to benefit the tall Californian cowboys and Hollywood movie stars!

The California King is 72”x84”, which makes it smaller in size than an Alaskan King.

When should you choose a California King?

The surface area is essential when choosing your bed. If you’re a tall person, but don’t plan to share your bed, the California King is an excellent option for you. As you can see, the Alaskan is for you, your partner and your kids/pets to share, whereas California makes a better choice if you’re tall and…single.

The size of the bedroom also matters when you’re thinking about buying a California King. You need to make sure that your bedroom is long enough to provide a comfortable fit of the California King.

For instance, if you’re 6ft or over tall, you get 8in to spare with the standard King, unlike the California King that is 7in longer. How tall you are is fundamental when choosing between a regular King and a California king.

The width is also to be taken into consideration as the California King works even for a couple that likes cuddling in bed. But that’s more an exception, with couples wanting to share a distance during their sleep.

What are the benefits of California King? Are there any downsides?

With the California King being a reliable option for the tall and single customer, and the regular King as a standard option for the couples, it makes sense wondering why the manufacturers aren’t making just one size that works for both tall and couples.

However, the request for this size isn’t real or not enough for convincing the manufacturers to make a size for all couples. You can go with an Alaskan King if that fits you better.

Here are the benefits of the California King:

  • It’s a reliable option for the taller consumers
  • It’s easy to find the right bedding for a California King
  • When your room is long and narrow, the California King works excellent. Some places are weird that way and are slightly longer than they are wide, which make the California King the best option. You don’t need to worry about turning your room into a tube when using this size of the bed.
  • If you’re a single sleeper, you should go with a California King as the regular King is too wide. It doesn’t mean that the California King is narrow, as it has the right width of not making you feel all alone in bed.
  • The California King can also work for a couple that like sitting close to one another. After all, the California King is still a more massive bed.

Even if the downsides aren’t significant, it’s still essential that we mention them:

  • The California King is narrower than a regular King, let alone than the impressive Alaskan King
  • Not everyone is going to find bedding that easy
  • A mattress for a California King may look more expensive than other sizes. However, it’s still going to be cheaper than with an Alaskan King.
  • Your room needs to be long enough for fitting the California King.

Do the two sizes share any similarities?

Interestingly enough, the two sizes do present some similar characteristics:

  • You need to measure the bedroom correctly as the California King fits in a long room, whereas the Alaskan King requires a large room. In the case of the latter, measuring the front door and the hall matters as well
  • Finding bedding for both sizes isn’t a breeze as both California and the Alaskan King aren’t the most popular options out there
  • They both work for couples, but it’s with a side note for the California King. Only couples liking to sleep tight are going to enjoy the California King.
  • The mattresses aren’t the cheapest out there due to their odd sizes.

How do the two sizes differ?

The main difference comes from the dimensions, with the Alaskan King being larger than California. Let’s take a closer look for getting the whole picture:

  • The Alaskan King is larger than the California King. By a lot
  • The Alaskan King works great for people enjoying the co-sleeping. The size allows comfortable sleeping for kids and pets, along with two adults.
  • The California King is a popular choice for the single and tall people, whereas an Alaskan King is rarely a recommended option for a single sleeper.
  • The California King can work for a couple, too, whereas the Alaskan King doesn’t work for a single person.
  • You may have to get customized comforter and bedding for the Alaskan King
  • Due to the sizes of your home, you may have to get modules of the Alaskan King and assembly it afterward. It’s not a common thing for the California King.
  • Even if you may find a pre-made Alaskan King at mattress retailers, you’re not going to find it in the regular mattress stores. You may have to order and Alaskan King as it’s a custom option.

Is there a final note?

If you’re tall and single and want a bed that fits the narrow bedroom, the California King, you can also get it if you and your partner like to sleep cuddling at night (and the room is long enough for the California King).

When you love the extra space and spend the night with all your kids and pets in bed, then the Alaskan King is ideal. Just make sure it fits through the door

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