Best Bean Bag Chair

Best Bean Bag chair

Let’s face it: when we say “bean bag chair” we’re mostly thinking about a hangout basement or a dorm room. However, the bean bag chair isn’t the only favorite amongst teenagers and colleges students. Affordable and comfortable, bean bag chairs come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, going from the chairs for video gaming to the ones resembling the standard chairs.

Are bean bag chairs a new thing?

So many good things happened in the 60s, and bean bag chairs are just one of them. It started as a foam-filled and spherical piece, turning into a pear-shaped chair later on.

Later in the 70s, the bean bag chairs have become incredibly popular. They were made with long-lasting materials (Storyfoam beads and leather covers).

The development of bean bag chairs didn’t stop there, and it was the 90s when the chairs went through a nice variety to changes, with couches and recliner shapes hitting the market.

Are there any benefits when using a bean bag chair?

Even if the high price is a selling point, there are plenty of other useful things related to the bean bag chair.

  • Affordable

When you want to decorate a room, but your money is tight, the bean bag chair is going to add a nice touch to a bland space. It’s so cheap that you can use the extra money for buying more complimentary pieces for finishing decorating the room.

  • Lightweight

Bean bag chairs are lightweight, so moving them around is never a problem. You can rearrange the room as often as you want when you have this piece of furniture around.

  • Supportive

It may not look like it, but the bean bag chair is good for the back pain as it provides excellent support for the back. It’s a high chair to use when you’re watching a favorite TV show or work on your laptop. People dealing with sensory processing disorders can also benefit the bean bag chair due to its therapeutic attributes.

  • Easy to assemble

On top of everything else, there are no screws and tools to use for putting the bean bag chair together. You unwrap it, fill it and fluff it. It’s already done, and you should comfortably sit in it.

  • Easy to clean

Many come bean bag chairs come with covers that are easy to remove for washing. Which is also a good thing.

What sizes are available?

The size counts for your level of comfort and the décor. You should measure the space where you’re planning to use the bean bag chair so that it’s not too big/too small. Who’s going to be the main user counts as well. Even if it’s for your kid, you should still look for a bigger one as kids grow up so fast.

Thirty inches wide and smaller bean bag chairs are an excellent choice for children and pets, whereas the 30to 54 inches chairs work for the teenagers and adults.

Look for a chair that is 54 to 72 inches wide if you’re a tall person or love to sprawl. Anything more full than 72 inches is going to work great for several people or for you to lay down.

How many shapes can you choose from?

There are plenty of options in terms of shapes as well. You can find bean bag chairs that are free-form, but also models that resemble chairs and sofas.

A chair designed for just one person is going to be round, most of the time. You can also find squared models, which works as footrests.

Look for a pear-shaped bag chair if you want back support. The double-capacity chairs are elongated, whereas the models for children are designed after animals (bunnies, dogs, elephants, or bears) and even sports gear).

Are the fabrics important?

Colors and patterns aren’t the only ones giving the diversity of bean bag chairs; the fabric may differ as well. Leather and vinyl as the easiest to clean (you only have to wipe off the spills and dirt), but nylon is another option to take into consideration. When you want the bean bag chair to feel soft against the skin, the microfiber is a solid choice. It’s thinner than nylon and vinyl and handles stains pretty well. Many like fur chairs as well, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort for keeping it clean.

Does the filling matter in any way?

Once again, you have more than just one option. No matter your final choice, you want the filling to ensure support and to rebound. Foam and beaded padding are traditional fillings nowadays.

Polystyrene beads provide flexibility, so the bean bag chair is going to shaft in all sorts of shapes you want to try. The polypropylene beads are on the softer side, whereas the pebbled buckwheat hulls are a natural choice.

Shredded polypropylene memory foam is quite a standard option as it’s sturdier than beads, but it contours to the shape of your body, with minimal risk for breaking or spreading. An eco-friendly alternative is the polystyrene foam.

Are the styles various too?

Even if the patterns and colors are incredibly various, you may think that the shapes aren’t as diverse. However, the typical round pouf isn’t the only shape for the bean bag chair. You can also get a cubic chair with tapered back and wide seats, or chairs that address children exclusively (small and with a 10ft circumference). Bean bag chairs accommodating several people are also a choice.

What counts the most  in a bean bag for children?

You want the bean bag for your kids to be made with long-lasting materials and to feature a sturdy zipper and double stitching. A soft filling (polyurethane foam), and waterproof cover (easy to remove) are also standard for bean bag chair for kids.

One last recommendation before you start shopping

You should take a look around your house and see what you want from a bean bag chair. If there are pets and kids, durability for the chair should count the most, whereas comfort and back support count more if you’re dealing with back problems.

Look for a bean bag chair that is easy to clean and fits a room in terms of style and size. Finding a good bean bag chair is easy now.


   1. Big Comfy Bean Bag Chair

When you’re looking for a bean bag for your kid, the Big Comfy Bean Bag Chair: Posh Large Beanbag Chairs with Removable Cover for Kids is a fun option to try.

The bean bag chair is made with 100% polyester stuffed, as the filling is virgin polystyrene beans. It’s what makes it a beautiful and comfortable bean bag chair.

As kids can get messy, the cover of the bean bag chair is easy to remove, so washing and cleaning aren’t going to be a challenge. Besides, the chair also features an inner cover so that you still use the chair when the outer cover is washing.

The size of the chair (27inx27inx22in) recommends it for use in playrooms and bedroom, children and adults alike. It comes in fun colors that help it pop out in any room. You get to choose from no less than 20 colors and patterns, for kids, toddlers, teens, and adults to like.

The bean bag is lightweight, so moving it around is a breeze. It’s a well-made bean bag chair that handles the excess use for a relative amount of time.

Let’s see the best parts briefly:

  • It’s made with 100% polyester filling
  • It comes with removable cover
  • You can select from 20 colors and patterns
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move around

The cons aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • Some think that it could use more filling
  •  The outer shell feels a bit stiff

Having said that, if you want a bean bag chair for your kid, this one is going to make a fun and dependable option for years to come, even if your kid isn’t going to stop growing any time soon.

   2. Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

Lightweight and easy to move around, the Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair – Memory Foam Bean Bag is an affordable and nice looking bean bag to consider.

The bean bag chair is made with a velvet suede cover that feels soft against the skin. It’s very well made and it features double stitching for impressive strength, taking the use for a very long time.

Its size is suitable for both toddlers and large men and women. The chair is filled with durable memory foam, which is a lot fluffier than the bean filled chairs. Not only that it’s going to take the shape of your body better, but it’s also going to last longer.

The bean bag chair is comfortable and very easy to clean. The build and the structure recommend it for excess use. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture to use in a basement, nursery, child room, or any room around your home.

You can select from a nice variety of vibrant colors that look fun. The colors don’t fade easily, and the bean bag chair is money well spent.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s very well made and has a durable feel to it
  • It’s comfortable and has a soft touch feel
  • It comes in many colors
  • It’s lightweight and versatile

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • Some think that the memory foam needs some time to break in completely
  • The packaging could be better

Regardless of the minor issues, the bean bag chair is one great addition to any home’s décor.

   3. Large Fuf Foam-Filled Bean Bag Chair

The popularity of the Big Joe Large Fuf Foam-Filled Bean Bag Chair speaks volumes and the only way to understand why is to give it a try.

The bean bag chair is made with proprietary Fuf foam. It’s upcycled Earth-Friendly memory foam, without compromising on the common attributes of the memory foam. It’s a spongy and durable foam that you may fluff over and over again for refreshing its soft comfort.

It’s going to take a couple of days until it fully expands. It comes in a box a fraction of its size, so no worries when you first see it.

The bean bag chair is easy to use, and you should fluff it when using it for getting into the shape you want at a time.

The durability is also to mention, as the bean bag chair is made to take the use for a reasonable amount of time.

On top of everything else, it’s designed and filled in the USA, comes with colors that fit most decors.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • It’s designed and filled in the USA
  • It’s filled with upcycled Fuf Foam
  • It’s cozy and durable
  • It’s well made and takes all sorts of shapes

The inherent flaws are natural to overcome:

  • It has a subtle smell in the beginning
  • Some may feel it a bit bumpy at times

Comfortable, long lasting, and nice looking, the bean bag chair is a solid choice for most consumers out there.

   4. Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair

Another popular option out there is the Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair. The chair is filled with foam that is comfortable and durable. Due to the design, the bean bag chair has a minimal risk for developing lumpy spots caused by the irregular shaped shredded foam fills.

The foam of the filling is made from 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam. It doesn’t include TCEP, Phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, or any other heavy metals.

The chair comes with a cover that is easy to remove for washing or replacement. The cover comes in attractive colors, and it’s made with micro suede fabric. It has a soft feel against the skin, increasing your level of comfort. It doesn’t attract animal hair, so it’s safe to use it around pets.

Comfortable and versatile, the bean bag chair looks great no matter which room you’re using it.

Here’s what we like about it:

  • It’s made with Certi-pur certified foam
  • It’s comfortable and soft
  • It comes with removable cover
  • Its cover doesn’t collect pet hair and has a soft feel against the skin

No worries about the issues as they’re minor:

  • Some wished that the inner cover would also be waterproof
  • It’s rather heavy

Even if the bean bag chair isn’t all roses and rainbows, it still stands as a multi-functional, durable, fun, and comfortable bean bag chair to try.

   5. Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

Are you on a hunt for a large bean bag chair? If so, the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover Dark Grey may be the no.1 choice.

Not only that the chair is immense, becoming the perfect way to squeeze in with your loved ones, but the chair is also very well made and insanely comfortable.

It’s very well made, and you should rely on it for years to come. The microsuede outer cover feels nice and pretty soft. It features zippers, so it’s easy to remove for cleaning. The zipper is hidden under a cover flap, so no risk for scratching when using the chair. You’re also going to notice that chair comes with a beige polyester inner cover so that you may still use it during cleaning.

As it has to provide comfort for a very long time, the chair is filled with high-class foam material, with no remnants or plastic parts whatsoever. The foam doesn’t retain body heat and ensures extreme comfort.

As it’s a huge bean bag chair, it sits on the heavyweight side. However, the chair features well built-in handles, which ease out the carrying.

It’s a big size sofa that fits in a living room, children’s room, or bedroom just fine. You can use it with your kids and friends.

The chair comes in a generous variety of deep colors and various sizes as well. It’s packeged in a box with a fraction of its size, needing three days for full expansion.

Listing our favs:

  • It’s enormous and very well made
  • It’s versatile and comfortable
  • It comes with handles and removable cover
  • You can choose from various deep colors and sizes

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • It’s heavy
  • The cover isn’t the softest fabric out there

All things considered, the bean bag chair is what brings your family together for the night, and you should take the leap of faith with it.

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