Best Crib Mattress Pad

Best Crib Mattress Pad

The crib mattress pad is an effective way to protect the crib mattress, helping you maintain the health of your baby and expand the lifespan of the bed along the way.

A right crib mattress pad is going to make your life easier altogether, and you should consider buying one asap.

What are the advantages of crib mattress pads?

A crib mattress is going to have a hard life, sort to speak. It has to take excess wear, with the risk of tearing and wearing being high all the time.

Not only that you need to rely on the crib mattress, but you may want to use it for a couple of years too. Even if some crib mattresses come with waterproof covers that protect them on some level, adding another layer of protection is only going to make the crib mattress even longer.

Let’s list the most important benefits of crib mattress pads:

  • They protect the mattress from liquids

As you may already know by now, liquids pose a high risk for damage to your bed and babies sure do produce a lot of those. Once juices seep into the crib, the chance for mold or mildew gets through the roof. Not only that the mattress isn’t going to last, but the health of your baby is a danger too.

You may add another barrier of protection against liquids when using crib mattress pads.

  • They keep the bugs and allergens at distance

You may keep the mites, dust, and various environmental irritants away from the mattress and your baby with a crib mattress pad. The immune system of newborns isn’t fully developed, which is why their sensitivity to pollens or dust is common.

When a baby is sensitive, he’s going to fuss a lot throughout the sleep. Skin reactions or itchy eyes are also side effects from the allergens in a mattress. You may add more protection with the crib mattress pad. Don’t forget that you also need to clean the pad, but it’s a lot easier than with the mattresses.

However, if you know for sure that your baby has allergies or sensitive skin, it’s wiser that you buy a hypoallergenic mattress pad.

  • You don’t need to worry about the cleaning that much

Crib mattress pads don’t eliminate the risk for spilling or for your baby to get sick. They do, however, ease out your efforts when going through a situation of this sort.

It’s a lot easier to through the crib mattress pad in the washing machine and the dryer. Some mattress pads may require air drying, which is why you should have at least two pads for the crib mattress. The last thing you want is to wake up the middle of the night, realizing that you don’t have a clean spare.

What to look for when selecting the crib mattress pad?

Even if it’s fundamental for the crib mattress pad to match the size of the mattress, size isn’t the only thing that matters when buying.

Here are some other aspects you should pay attention to when selecting the crib mattress pad:

  • Easy cleaning

You want the crib mattress pad to be both machine and dryer friendly so that you can have it clean and dry in no time. Always buy a spare crib mattress pad so that you never leave the mattress without the extra protection.

If you’re interested, you can also get a waterproof pad which keeps liquids away from the mattress even better than the regular type.

  • Fitted skirt

You need the mattress pad to come with a stretchy skirt (deep-pocketed) that wraps all the way safely and under the mattress. A design of this sort is going to reduce the risk for shifting, sliding, or bunching.

  • Quilted comfort

A quilted top crib mattress pad is going to ensure more satisfaction for your baby. Soft touch feels against the skin is going to help him enjoy his time in the crib a lot more.

  • Flat surface

There should be no raised or bumpy design in the crib mattress pad; it only poses a risk for dangerous sleep environment otherwise. You want the crib mattress pad to provide a flat surface at all time, keeping your baby both comfortable and safe.

  • Stain repellent

You may find crib mattress pads that come with added stain protection, which repels and releases odors and stains. A feature like this is going to help with the health of your baby in the long run.

  • Cooling ability

A crib mattress pad made with temperature regulating fabric is going to adjust to your baby’s body temperature. It absorbs and eliminates moisture, keeping your baby cool and comfy.

  • The material

You may find crib mattress pads made of the organic cotton top, which provide natural comfort for your baby. As for the allergic part, it’s not fundamental, but it’s wiser to look for the hypoallergenic fabrics as they protect the babies from allergens a lot more efficient than other materials.

Side note- the encasement

The crib mattress encasement is quite common to use underneath the pad. Not only that it ensures waterproof protection, but it also keeps the bed bugs and household allergens at bay. You should get an encasement that zips around the crib mattress for increased protection against the pet dander, bed bugs, allergens, and even the asthma instigators.

What are our suggestions?

   1. Cozy Caterpillar Crib Mattress Protector Pad

Don’t let the low price of the Cozy Caterpillar Crib Mattress Protector Pad | 100% Waterproof Bamboo Crib Mattress Cover mislead you because this one is nowhere of being cheap when it comes to overall value.

The crib mattress pad is made with good quality bamboo velour, feeling soft against the skin of your baby. The top is made with 100% cotton, whereas the filling is a blend of bamboo of polyester, providing comfort throughout the sleep. Unlike other crib mattress pads, this one has no crunchy sounds.

The backing is waterproof and leaks proof, protecting the mattress well. The crib mattress pad is washer and dryer safe, making the cleaning straightforward.

It’s well made and doesn’t slip, and has a long and stretchable skirt. It feels soft and comfortable, providing a plush feel for your baby.

On top of everything else, the crib mattress pad is certified by OEKO-TEX as it’s not made with any harsh chemicals.

Listing our favs:

  • It has a cotton top and bamboo&polyester filling
  • The backing is waterproof and leakproof
  • You can machine wash it and throw it in the dryer
  • It’s comfortable and has no crunchy sounds

Beggars cannot be choosers, so here are the inherent flaws:

  • It has a specific smell in the beginning
  • The padding area is smaller than the mattress, according to some

Regardless of the minor issues, the crib mattress pad is dependable, comfortable, and protects your baby, the bed, and your wallet too as it comes for a bargain price.

   2. Carters Waterproof Fitted -Mattress Pad Cover

One popular option out there is the Carters Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib and Toddler Protective Mattress Pad Cover and checking the detailed description is going to help you get why.

As it matches a standard size crib mattress (28”x52”), the crib mattress pad’s fabric is 100% polyester. It absorbs fast the liquids and dries out smooth too, which explains its efficiency.

It doesn’t fit too tight on the mattress, whereas putting it on/taking it off is straightforward even in the middle of the night.

The crib mattress pad is well made and takes the use for a reasonable amount of time. It doesn’t stain easy nor retain odors, and you may machine wash it and throw it in the dryer. It’s not going to shrink nor frill from washing/drying. To expand its lifespan, you should machine wash it separately in cold water, gentle cycle. Use non-chlorine bleach when you deal with the problematic stain. Don’t dry clean it nor iron it. Use the low heat for tumble dry.

It comes in a solid white color, and it’s water resistant, providing the crib mattress the extra layer of protection.

Here’s the list of best things:

  • It’s easy to put on/take off
  • It doesn’t retain odor and doesn’t stain
  • It’s well made and doesn’t shrink
  • It dries fast, and it’s absorbent

The cons are minor:

  • It may feel a bit rough against the skin
  • It’s not waterproof

Dependable, easy to use, and practical, the crib mattress pad is a reliable option to keep in mind when shopping.

   3. Ultra Soft Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad

The Ultra Soft Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad from Bamboo Rayon Fiber by Margaux & May is waterproof and takes the use for a reasonable amount of time, managing to become a dependable investment of your money,

It presents a quilted terry cloth top which gives a soft and luxurious feel to your baby. It doesn’t produce any crinkle-like noises and has a suitable thickness. It’s thick enough to provide comfort and protect the mattress, yet thin enough for a soft feel.

It’s waterproof and doesn’t pose any issue for washing. It’s durable and well made, without losing its properties any time soon. It’s deep and matches the majority of standard crib mattresses.

The crib mattress pad comes in white color, and the quilted cloth top layer increases your baby’s comfort, eliminating fuss.

You may wash it in cold water and use the low heat for drying it. You don’t want to risk using the higher temperature as you may damage the waterproof layer for good.

Listing the pros briefly:

  • It’s waterproof and soft
  • It’s not noisy
  • It has quilted terrycloth top layer for increased comfort
  • The top is thick and comfy

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • Some expected it to be thicker
  • The fit is tight in some cases

As the good outweighs the bad by far, the crib mattress pad is one sure thing and a comfortable choice to keep in mind.

   4. Waterproof Quilted Crib and Toddler Size Fitted Mattress Cover

Another reliable option for protecting the crib mattress is the American Baby Company Waterproof Quilted Crib and Toddler Size Fitted Mattress Cover.

The crib mattress pad has an organic cotton top layer, whereas the middle is made with 100% breathable polyester. The back layer is also made with organic cotton laminated to TPU film, keeping the risk for accidents under control.

The pad provides waterproof protection, and the soft quilted cushion improves the level of comfort for your baby. Despite its build, the pad doesn’t produce the unpleasant noise that other crib mattress pads do.

Cleaning the pad is straightforward as it’s easy to take it off and put it back on. It’s a machine washable and dryable crib mattress pad, but you’d better tumble dry low for expanding its durability. Besides, use a mild detergent and non-chlorine bleach for the problematic stains.

The crib mattress pad stays in place, and it’s quite stretchy, too, standard fitting mattresses (28x52x6in).

Let’s have another look at the essential qualities:

  • Its top and back layer are made with organic cotton
  • The middle layer is 100% breathable polyester
  • It’s waterproof and not noisy
  • It’s soft and comfortable, staying in place

The negative aspects aren’t significant:

  • It may cause some bumps
  • The risk for shrinkage isn’t null

If you’re looking for a waterproof, breathable, versatile, and durable crib mattress pad, this one is going to deliver so you should take the plunge with it.

   5. Newton Baby Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad Cover

When you’re willing to pay the extra buck for the safety and comfort of your baby, the Newton Baby Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad Cover | 100% Breathable is the perfect option.

The crib mattress pad is proven to lower the risk for suffocation as it improves the breathability and airflow by at least 97%. It’s a waterproof pad that comes with TPU waterproof lining for protection against the accidents, without sacrificing on the breathability in any way.

The pad provides adjustable fit as it comes with a stretchable skirt and elastic bottom, fitting almost any standard size crib mattress.

It’s a hypoallergenic and comfortable crib mattress pad that has ½” cushion that allows circulation for fresh air on the surface, reducing the risk for overheating and improving the quality of sleep. It also keeps the mites and allergens at a distance.

The pad is made with two layers of 100% polyester and presents three-dimensional spacer material for more natural cleaning and longer lifespan. The lining is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), so it’s breathable and waterproof altogether.

You shouldn’t worry about cleaning either as this one is washable and long lasting. It’s easy to remove and to put back on after washing it.

Comfortable, soft, and great for the safety of your baby or toddler, the crib mattress pad is a wise investment to make for the well-being of your baby.

Going over the good things briefly:

  • It’s both hypoallergenic and waterproof
  • It reduces the risk for suffocation as it improves breathability and air circulation
  • It’s comfortable and soft
  • It’s easy to clean and to use

The downsides aren’t making us change our mind:

  • It’s a tad pricey
  • Not everyone is impressed with its value

At the end of the day, the crib mattress pad is going to keep your baby comfortable and, more importantly, safe, no matter how much he’s moving. How much will you pay for this sort of pad?

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