Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress

Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress

Finding an excellent mattress for your sleep is an essential matter as we spend so many decades of our lives on it. As beds don’t come cheap either, it only makes sense that you do due diligence about it and get all the information you need uphanded.

The variety of mattresses has its ups and downs. On the one hand, it means you’re going to be able to find the mattress that fits your needs the best way, but on the other hand, the selection process may soon overwhelm you.

The types are many, and we’re only going to talk about the euro top and the pillow top mattress down below. The more details you know about each type, the easier is going to be for you to figure out which one is going to help you wake up well-rested in the morning.

What’s to say about a Euro Top mattress?

Euro Top mattress

The Euro top mattress is a padding layer that is made of foam or fiberfill. The material is rather dense as it’s made with high-quality materials. The fabric isn’t sewn on the surface of the mattress, like in the case of pillow top. Typically, the Euro Tops are sewn on the margins of the bed, leading to the stacked look.

What’s the brief description of the pillow top mattress?

The pillow top mattress is offering more comfort and support, and it’s a standard option for anyone looking for more cushioning.

Fiberfill, memory foam, latex foam, gel, and wool are constant materials used for the cushioning of the pillow top mattress. The additional padding alleviates the pressure points on the hips and shoulders, but the pillow top mattress doesn’t disappoint on support and contouring abilities either. It comforts the consumer with back pain, standing out as a mattress that is insanely comfortable for many.

Which are the critical features of Euro Top mattress?

The Euro Top mattress provides the luxury hotel experience, and here are the fundamental characteristics:

  • It’s firmer than the pillow top as it’s stitched into the top layer of the mattress. Therefore, it’s flush with the margin, giving the impression of an extra layer being attached to the top of the bed.
  • It’s a great combination of supportive and soft material, bringing comfort to anyone dealing with back and neck pain
  • It has a fluent appearance with all of its layers looking like one piece
  • It resembles the pillow top, but it’s made with high-quality materials. Its design is rather technical
  • It ensures more support toward the margins due to the panel on the side. The risk for “flapping” or indentation is rather low.

Which are the basic features of the Pillow Top mattress?

Even if the Pillow Top mattress shares some similarities (scroll down for the details) with the Euro Top, it still has its attributes:


  • It expands at the top, giving the impression that a pillow has been sewn to the surface of a traditional mattress
  • It features extra padding at the surface, improving the soft comfort
  • The filling is made of batting, polyurethane foam, latex, and memory foam
  • It’s thicker than a regular mattress, so you need to look for more in-depth sheets
  • It ensures deep and enveloping cushioning, so it’s great for someone looking to sink into
  • Some name it the “box top,” and it offers the softest comfort level amongst all mattresses

What are the benefits of Euro Top Mattress?

If you’re thinking about getting a Euro Top mattress, here are the right parts to consider:

  • Overall value

The Euro Top mattress is typically made of high-quality materials, and it’s worth every single penny. It’s a wise investment to prepare for the long run.

  • Durability

Most of us are looking for a mattress that is going to take the use for many years to come, and the Euro Top is one mattress to get. It offers an extra layer of protection to the sleep surface, which makes the mattress last longer.

  • Edge support

The edge support is another benefit of the Euro top mattress. Due to its build, the sides of the mattress aren’t going to sag throughout the night, no matter how much you’re fussing in that bed.

  • Amazing padding

When you sleep on Euro Top mattress, you’re going to experience a luxurious feel of durable cushioning and softness altogether. You’re going to sleep without waking up at night.

  • Good support

If you’re looking for a mattress with a medium plush feel and insane body support, the Euro top mattress is a winning choice.

  • It maintains its shape

Thanks to its build, the Euro Top mattress is going to retain the ability contouring, its way, and softness and shape for years to come.

The Euro Top mattress is a fantastic choice for the consumer needing a medium plush feel and complete body support.

What are the advantages of Pillow Top mattress?

Pillow Top mattress

The Pillow Top mattress brings a lot of positive things to the table, so here they are:

  • Soft surface

The pillow top surface is highly effective for alleviating pressure points due to its contouring softness.

  • Comfortable

The pillow top mattress is excellent for people lying down that love a soft and fluffy pillow.

  • Who’s benefitting?

The top pillow is great for the side and back sleepers, thanks to its padding feel. It doesn’t provide much support for stomach sleepers.

  • It’s thick

The pillow top is more abundant than a traditional mattress made of gel foam or memory foam.

When should you go with a Euro-top mattress?

The Euro Top mattress is an ideal match in the following situations:

  • You don’t mind sleeping cool or hot
  • You like the medium-soft surface feel
  • You don’t like rotating the mattress any now and then
  • You go for the sturdy edge support
  • You want a long lasting mattress
  • You share the bed and want a large sleeping areas
  • You look for a softer surface with amazing contouring functions

When is the pillow top mattress a better choice for you?

Here’s when you should go with a pillow top mattress:

  • You’re willing to rotate the mattress regularly for expanding its durability
  • You need a consistent feel throughout the whole surface
  • You like resting in the middle of the bed
  • You are thinking about getting a new one after 5-7years of use
  • You want a supportive mattress that has a plush feel
  • You’re not necessarily looking for a large sleeping area or sturdy edge support
  • You don’t like sleeping hot at all (there’s a gap between the pillow top and the mattress top, which ensures efficient ventilation and neutral temperature of your body).

Side note

Both the pillow top and the euro top mattresses are thicker than most mattresses out there. Finding bedding for any of them is a bit more challenging. You need to buy bed linens that are big and come with really deep pockets.

What are the differences that the two tops present?

Let’s get meticulous and list the differences they share on many levels:

  • The construction and filling

The pillow top mattress is found on top of the bed, but it’s also stitched on. It’s not the case for the Euro Top, which is only stitched flush on the edges.

Due to the build, the pillow top is going to include gaps between the top and the mattress, with the Euro top ensures better edge support than the pillow top.

  • The looks

The pillow top resembles a pillow (hence, the name), whereas the euro top looks like it’s one unit with the rest of the mattress.

  • The risk of shifting

The pillow top may shift at night as you move, which also raises the risk of losing the shape whereas they’re turning around.

There’s a lower risk for shifting for the Euro top as it’s attached to the edges, which helps it maintain the shape and contouring abilities.

  • The feel

With each of the two having foam, latex, or various fibers (wool, cotton, polyester) as the top material, it only makes sense that the feel is also different.

Feel is instead a personal matter, but many agree that the euro top ensures a luxurious feel. The pillow ops are rather neutral in terms of temperature, which is a selling point for many. It’s really about how you like your mattress to be.

It also seems that the pillow tips present a consistent feel throughout all over the surface, offering a perfect combination between the support and padding. The top layer isn’t very thick, but the pillow top can make a reliable and robust core of the mattress feel plushier and help the spine align correctly.

The feel isn’t that consistent with the euro top. A mattress may feel softer in the middle and firmer to the edges, which only makes the euro top a better option for people appreciating the vital edge support.

How can you choose between the two?

Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress

Selecting between the two isn’t a breeze, so here are the main factors to consider before making the final call:

  • Sleeping impact

The pillow top has a cushioning and plush ability, which you may not get from a Euro top. Even if the euro top ensures the cushioning effect in the center, it can also cause a sinking feeling when you lie down.

  • Sleeping temperature

It’s not unusual for hot air to gather in the mattress, increasing your body temperature and altering your level of comfort. The pillow top performs better at this level as there’s a gap between the top and the mattress, improving ventilation throughout the night.

  • Life span

When it comes to durability, it’s the Euro top that takes the lead on the cause of the gap between the comfort layers and the top. As the top layer sink, the gap is going to diminish, lowering your level of comfort as well. With the top sewn on the margins, the Euro top is going to last longer than the pillow top. Once the edges begin to sag, the euro top may come to an end, even though the cushioning effect in the middle isn’t going to go away.

  • Price

The price isn’t going to make a difference nine times out of ten. However, the materials used for the toppers are going to matter for the final price, rending you to look when making the last call.

One last thought before you decide

It’s easy to understand why you cannot choose which one to get, especially since both benefits both the side and the back sleepers.

The extra layer of support, comfort, and cushion are selling points for both of them, so it’s vital that you go back and take another look at the differences. At the end of the day, you want to get a good night sleep, so it’s all up to you how much you’ll pay for it.

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