Is A Double Bed the Same As A Full

Is A Double Bed the Same As A Full

A mattress isn’t something you buy in a hurry. It’s a long time investment that counts for your well-being. We spend a lot of time in bed, and we cannot afford to end up with a lemon.

Why is it important to take your time when selecting a mattress?

Fundamentally, you do due diligence about it so that you can select the mattress of your dreams. The variety of beds is impressive, which is a good thing, but you may become easily overwhelmed by the endless possibilities.

Even if the material, the type, the level of firmness, or price are essential aspects to consider when selecting, the size is just as important as any of them. You don’t want to get a mattress that provides excellent support, doesn’t sink nor gets hot at night, and realize that it’s simply too narrow or too short for you and your loved one.

How important is the size of the mattress?

size of the mattress

Luckily for consumers out there, mattresses come in several sizes (you can always go with a custom-made if none of the ready-made sizes doesn’t fit your needs)

As a matter of fact, the size should be the first thing, to begin with. It’s not only because you may get confused with all the terms of mattress sizes, but also because you want the mattress to fit the frame and the room. Not being able to move around the bed isn’t very pleasant.

The mattresses come in various sizes that match all sorts of needs. The number of people using the bed is one aspect to consider, but you should also pay attention to the space you have in the room.

Most people know only about the single bed (addressing just one person) and the double bed (for two persons to use). It’s important to mention that there are so many more sizes to choose from.

The bed size relates to the various dimensions of the bed and the names for the regular sizes. The diversity of frame sizes adds into the equation, which only makes the selection process more challenging than expected.

What is the double bed?

double bed

The double beds are big enough for accommodating two people. In some countries, the double bed is the same as the full bed, but exceptions are also known.

For instance, in the 60s, the double beds were the most common choice for two people. They’re typically 15in wider than a single bed, resulting into 27in of sleep space for every person sleeping in the bed.

Double beds are 75in long and provide a comfortable space for two adults. It’s not typical for a double bed to be too short for a tall person.

Altogether, the double bed is 54in wide and 75in long, which is enough for the two adults sharing the bed.

One great thing about the double bed is that it’s big and comfortable enough for two adults, but it can also fit in a small room.

Even if it’s not fundamental, another aspect to consider is the lower price for the bedding. When you go shopping you’re going to be happy to see that bedding for a double bed is more affordable than the bedding for a King or a Queen size mattress.

Some adults may still find the double bed as too narrow for their needs. But it’s the case for every type of mattress out there, and you need to give it a try and see for yourself if it’s floating your boat or not.

How big is the full bed?

The full bed is also designed to provide comfort for two people. It’s smaller than a queen and a king bed and resembles the double bed in dimensions. It’s 54 inches by 75inches, offering 27 inches for each person sharing the bed. You can easily fit it in a small room, and the bedding isn’t going to empty your wallet either.

Is there a difference between the two?

Double Bed small size

Having said that, it’s pretty apparent that the double bed and the full bed seem the be the same thing. However, the conclusion is partially correct, as it applies only to the standard size double bed.

Even if there’s just one type of full bed available, the double bed includes a couple of variations.

You can find on the market the small double (also known as the three-quarter bed), which is 48in by 75 inches. Another option is the double extra-long, which is 54inches by 80inches. Therefore, the width is the same, but the length is different. The double extra-long is a better fit for the tall people that find the regular double to be too short for their height.

Let’s sum it all up!

To better understand the differences between the double bed and the full one, let’s highlight the main aspects:

  • The double beds and full beds are the same things in most countries over the world
  • Typically, the double bed and full are 54in by 75in
  • Double beds have been the most popular choice for two people for a very long time
  • There’s just one type of full bed, whereas the double present two variations: the small and the extra-long

One last thing before you go

People aren’t choosing the bedroom sets anymore, and the double bed and full-size mattress are common choices for the guest room and the kid’s room. No matter the name you choose to use, the standard size mattress is still one of the most popular choices out there. Almost every manufacturer is going to make this size for many years to come.

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