Loom & Leaf Vs. Leesa

Loom & Leaf Vs. Leesa

We all know that things aren’t created equal, and this principle is the main reason for which, when you go shopping, selecting what you want doesn’t come easy.

Whether it’s an outdoor watch you’re looking for or a mattress for your bed, the market gives you so many choices to select Some manufacturers did discover the secret for developing good mattresses, which only makes the selection process even more complicated.

What’s to say about Loom&Leaf and Leesa briefly?

Loom&Leaf and Leesa

Loom&Leaf is one of the lines of the online mattress industry, Saatva. The manufacturer is using high-end materials, creating a luxurious mattress for its customers. It’s a well-known and experienced manufacturer and buying a Loom&Leaf mattress is nine times out of ten a good investment of your money.

Leesa, on the other hand, is a start-up company that has been on the market for just five years now. However, the company has managed to become an essential name in the online mattress world.

First thing first, what’s to say about Loom and Leaf mattresses?

Being meticulous when comparing two things is, and this one makes no exception. The build, the cover, the level of comfort, the prices, and many other aspects should be taken into consideration when putting the two brands side by side.

  • The cover

In the case of Loom&Leaf, the covers are made with 100% organic cotton, which presents a soft touch feel against the skin and fantastic breathability.

The cover is made with 5/8″ layer of foam, which adds more softness as compared to a traditional cover. The new model presents tight quilting right in the middle, which counts for the lumbar support. The stitches are tightly made, so they provide excellent support all over the surface, without eliminating the chance for the upper and lower extremities to get pressure relief.

A thin covering made of natural thistle is found underneath the quilted cover, working as a barrier. It acts as a fire sock, so in case of fire, it melts and smothers the flames.

There’s an appealing and luxurious feel for the mattress, with the padded cover presenting a pleasant texture. The gold trim is going to increase the luxurious appearance too.

  • The build

The Loom and Leaf mattress is made of 4 different layers:

  • The top layer (is for cooling and comfort)- is made with 2.0″ conforming gel foam. The coat is suitable for absorbing heat from the sleeping surface, spreading it evenly. The top features cooling gel, which keeps you relaxed throughout the night.
  • The second layer (is for contouring support) is made with 2.5″ visco-elastic memory foam. It’s the core of the mattress support. It provides practical support, bounce, and pressure relief, maintaining its responsiveness for a reasonable amount of time.
  • The third layer (for transitional support) has a 2.0″ thickness, helping the base layer and the top one work together. It’s also essential for deep compression support.
  • The bottom layer (it’s foundation) is made with 5.5″ high-density support foam. It works as a sturdy base foam while offering shape and breathability.
  • Feel, firmness& level of support

The Loom&Leaf mattresses come in two levels of durability. You can go with a Relaxed firm or the harder mattress. The first one is a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with the 10 is the most firm), whereas the second one is an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The mattress provides a naturally soft feel when you feel it for the first time. Pressure relief, support, and comfort are on the list of benefits. The thickness of the foam is a bit unusual as the mattress comes with 6.5″ comfort foam- it’s one of the thickest out there.  The thickness counts for the deep compression support, as the mattresses give consistent support no matter how tall or big you are.

Even if the comfort layer is thick, the mattresses don’t lose their responsivity and don’t give the “stuck” feeling either. The sinkage is somewhat balanced (1-1.5″ in normal stomach/back sleeping position).

  • Other details

Made in the USA, the mattresses typically come with 120 nights trial period and 15 years of warranty. They present a specific smell when out of the box, but it’s going to vanish after the few days. The mattress is made with organic cotton cover, plant-based foams, and natural thistle as a flame retardant. It doesn’t come squeezed in a box, so it’s ready to use upon arrival.

What can we say about Leesa mattress?

Leesa mattress

It’s more comfortable that we stay on track, so we’re going to look at the same aspects when comparing the two:

  • The cover

The cover of Leesa mattress is made with lycra and polyester. Lycra is stretching and cooling, whereas the polyester is durable and takes excess use. The cover has a lovely soft feel, and it’s breathable as well. There’s a regular fire sock between the cover and the foam. It’s designed to melt in case of a fire and to smother the flames.

One thing we have to notice is the woven process used for the cover, which makes it look like a seamless cover. There’s a beautiful aesthetic, and sharp appearance for the cover of Leesa mattress and its 4-bar design stands out.

  • The build

There are only three layers of foam for Leesa mattresses:

  • The top layer (comfort and cooling)- is made with 2.0″ Avena foam. Avena is an alternative to latex foam and resembles it a lot in terms of bounce, cooling, and comfort abilities. It seems that it’s more durable than regular latex foam.
  • The middle layer (for support and pressure relief)- is made with 2.0″ memory foam. It ensures pressure relief and fantastic support. As memory foam tends to heat throughout the night, the Avena foam reduces the risk for heating or retaining heat.
  • The bottom layer (foundation) is made with 6″ high-density support foam. It works as a solid base form but ensures shape and sufficient breathability.

The Leesa mattress has a somewhat hybrid design, using various type of foam and materials for providing support, comfort, and refreshing sleep. The Avena foam works with the memory foam. There are no heat retention problems with Leesa mattresses thanks to the Avena foam and the placing of the memory foam in the middle. However, this design doesn’t sacrifice on the pressure relief or the support that memory foam typically provides.

  • Feel, firmness&level of support

As it’s made with memory foam, proprietary foam, and high-density polyfoam, the Leesa mattress ensures a balanced feel that benefits all sorts of sleepers. It presents a firmness of 6 (medium), and you can feel an extreme softness the second you lay down.

There’s only 1-1.5” of sinkage for the stomach/back position, so you’re not going to feel stuck in it. The body shaping and contouring support that the mattress provides are essential benefits.

Many are going to appreciate the balance between comfort and support, no matter how you like to sleep. Adequate pressure relief, cooling effects, balanced hug, and support are selling points for so many customers.

  • Other details

Leesa mattress comes with 10-years warranty and 100 nights trial period. It has a specific smell in the beginning, but it’s going to fade away after the first couple of days. It comes compressed in a box, so you’re going to have to wait a bit until you can use it per se.

Which one to choose?

Loom&Leaf mattress

Both mattresses are going to impress with the support, comfort, and cooling abilities, so you’re going to make a wise investment with any of them. There are no complaints when it comes to trial period or warranty either, with manufacturers valuing the importance of quality of service.

The mattresses are well made, and choosing one is anything but simple. Let’s change the way we draw the line and see which category of consumers should choose one or another brand.

  • Who should go with Loom&Leaf mattress?

You get to choose from two levels of firmness for the Loom&Leaf mattresses, with the 6 and the eight options being popular choices on the market.

The padded cover, the high-end materials, and the thick comfort layer make the Loom&Leaf mattress able to create a balanced feel, no matter if you like the medium or the firm support. Fantastic balance of softness and support is a standard feature for the mattresses.

As the Loom-Leaf mattresses are made with plant-based foams and feature natural thistle as a fire barrier, the beds address customers that appreciate the natural materials. Even if the mattress isn’t 100% natural, a big part of it is made with natural materials (let’s not forget the organic cotton cover).

The 12” profile is one of the most significant differences between the Loom&Leaf and Leesa. The extra thickness and the comfort later ensure deep compression support for the Loom&Leaf mattresses, even in the case of heavy sleepers.

  • When to choose a Leesa mattress?

Anyone looking for medium firmness in their mattress should look into buying a Leesa mattress. It comes with 6 level of firmness, which is excellent for support and comfort, especially when you don’t know for sure which firmness level your body needs.

The balanced sinkage, hug, firmness, and body contouring are also fundamental aspects of Leesa mattress. Most sleepers can benefit the universal comfort feel that the Leeesa mattress provides. When you don’t want your mattress to be too soft, too firm, or too hugging, the Leesa mattress is your best shot.

Price may also count as the Leesa mattress is cheaper than the counterpart. It’s not made with exclusive materials, but it doesn’t mean it’s not less performant in any way.

What’s our final thought?

It’s pretty obvious that it’s a tie as each of the mattresses comes with benefits and downsides. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a bed and how much you are willing to pay for it.

One thing is sure; no matter which one you buy, you’re not going to end up with a lemon. By contrary, you’re going to be making one of the best decision for your sleep!

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