What Is a Platform Bed

What Is a Platform Bed

The novelty of materials in mattresses build its ups and downs. Even though we have the possibility of enjoying all sorts of comfort levels or firmness, we need to address all kinds of problems related to maintenance and care.

With foam being the most popular sleep comfort surface at the moment (it’s capable of dissipating weight, alleviate the pressure points, and conforms to your body), the material can compress and breakdown rather fast when it’s not receiving the proper support.

The platform bed is one of the most popular choices for the foam mattresses for a while now. The low price, the low profile, and the sleek design are its selling point, which is why you should join us for all the details.

As with everything else, platform beds come in all sorts of shapes, materials, offering both benefits and downsides. It’s essential to make a clear idea about what you’re planning to buy, which is why going over the guide is more than necessary.

What’s the definition of a platform bed?

platform bed

In a nutshell, the platform bed is a basic frame made of different materials, providing support for all types of mattresses, eliminating the need for a box spring.

Back in the day, the platform beds were used as low profiles, slatted support surface, or flat surface that would fit in any modern décor.

Due to the expansion of foam mattresses, platform beds have developed from the basic models to the more sophisticated designs that look great in any modern design.

Even if the variety of styles is quite generous, platform beds include some essential attributes that make them stand out from the crowd. You are going to know if the platform bed is what you need when you know all the details down below.

Let’s have a close look at the details!

Some particular attributes make the platform bed stand out easily from other types of frames or beds.

  • The low profile

It’s probably the first thing you’re going to notice on a platform bed which is smaller in profile when compared to the traditional bed frames.

They may be as little as 12in high, whereas the taller models can get as high as 18in. If you’re continually having a problem when getting into/out of bed, a platform bed may not be the best choice for you.

However, you may put some box springs on a low platform bed which is going to make it taller altogether. Do it only if the type of mattress that you’re using is taking the box springs.

  • Minimal to zero clearance

It’s logic that a low profile platform bed is going to present little to no clearance space under it. The enclosed frames are winning popularity as we speak, and they provide no clearance at all.

Some platform beds feature storage drawers under the sleeping surface, so you should know what you need in a bed precisely. Some beds provide space under the mattress, but it’s only a few inches, so give a good thought on how much you care for it.

Floating platform bed designs are also a popular option as they center the bed support under the bed and not along the sides/the corners of the bed. The attractive design makes the bed seem like it’s floating, even though the base is very sturdy. They don’t provide much space for storing either.

  • The type of support surface

There are several types of support surfaces that the platform beds may present.

  • A solid surface that features slits or holes for ensuring air flow is one. This sort of surface may impact the way your mattress feels. You’re going to feel it firmer, especially if you have a big body.
  • A slatted surface is made with several wooden slats. The slatted platform bed is going to let you place them close (only 2 or 3 in apart), which is going to protect the foam mattress and improve the airflow. It also gives a bit of flexibility and gives to the weight you’re applying when sleeping. It’s quite a typical setup, but it works only when the slats are placed close to one another. When the mattress needs a platform surface, you should check the slat width and the spacing very well. Lack of support is never a good result.
  • A metal surface (woven) is also standard for some models. As it includes too much pressure on specific kinds of foam over time, it may not be a perfect choice. It’s a go for the box spring or the mattresses taking various types of support. A Bunkie board may improve its performance.

What happens for beds that are larger than a twin?

large platform bed

Any bed more massive than a twin is going to present center supports that go all the way to the center of the bed with at least one (it can also be three) full legs that improve the platform support. It can be a part of the frame per se, but it can also provide support for the under the surface. You should also look for another support for distributing the weight even more efficiently.

The cross-sectional supports matter a lot, and a platform bed that doesn’t have any is going to be a red flag, failing the durability test. The downside for the cross-sectional supports is that they alter the storage space under the bed, making it a lot more challenging to manage. For instance, a full-size trundle isn’t going to fit under the bed, but you’re going to match a twin just fine. Take the ruler once again and start making more measurements.

Are there any head&footboards?

Regular platform beds don’t have footboards or headboard. Having said that, let’s also mention that the newer model may feature a headboard so that the consumer has more options to select from.

The market also gives you models that resemble the traditional bed design, so they come with both head and footboard. They will maintain the particular low profile of platform bed, nevertheless.

Bunkie boards –what’s the deal with them?

One expression you may have run into when looking for a platform board is the Bunkie board. The Bunkie board is just a board you buy for turning your current bed frame into a platform bed (yes, it can be done!).

Bunkie boards may have a solid or a slatted design, and they can be made from all sorts of materials, with metal, plastic, wood, and composite as standard options. The depth may vary as well.

You may use a Bunkie board for platform surfaces even if you’re only trying to improve the entire support or the weight abilities of the bed.

  • Side note- the DIY platform bed

Are you looking for an affordable platform bed? Even if there are plenty of manufacturers providing cheap platform bed models, it is a lot easier to make your platform bed.

It may not be as elegant or stylish as the one in the store (it also depends on your level of skills), but at least it’s going to be supportive.

You need to use a basic metal bed frame and add a ¾” sheet of plywood. The pieces have to be cut to the size of the bed frame. Sometimes, two coats are going to be required. It should create a solid base for supporting the mattress.

The project depends a lot on the frame you’re going to attach to the plywood. You can increase the support by adding reinforcing slats.

What are the benefits of platform beds?

benefits of platform beds

For those of you that need a bit more work convincing, here are the main good things of platform beds:

  • Style

Platform bends typically present a modern and clean appearance, that goes great with the contemporary design. You don’t necessarily need a bed skirt for a platform bed, which eliminates the “fussy” feel, rendering it to be somewhat streamlined. When you want to bring a fresh vibe into the bedroom, using a platform bed is going to mean the world.

  • Support

If you’re placing the mattress straight on the platform bed frame, you’re going to obtain a firmer sleeping surface than box spring settings. Even if it’s not a wrong kind of firmness, a side sleeper may not enjoy the platform bed too much. Side sleepers may benefit both the mattress and the box spring, so adding the box spring is going to make the bed resemble the conventional bed a lot more in terms of height.

As they provide the support you need, a platform bed eliminates the necessity for using a foundation or box spring. Go with the slatted base if ventilation is fundamental for the mattress you’re using.

  • Stability

Not only that a platform bed ensures support, but it also increases the stability of the bed. If you’re turning and tossing a lot at night, you want this level of stability. A heavy person is also going to enjoy the platform bed for the same reasons.

As they’re low to the ground, the platform beds are highly stable and an excellent choice for the short people. It’s an ideal platform for the memory foam mattresses that win their fans with the firm and comfortable sleeping surface.

  • Storage space

You can find platform beds that feature storage drawers right under the mattress platform. Some models include drawers on both long sides of the bed. It’s a great feature, especially if you’re using the bed in your kid’s room. The feature is excellent in any bedroom, providing some space for storing the extra bedding or clothing.

  • The natural appearance

In all fairness, the platform beds remind us of the Eastern world. There’s something special about the rolling motion you do when getting out of bed in the morning. It’s great to start your day.

  • Strong and long lasting

The mattress isn’t going to sag any time soon when you’re using a platform bed frame. For the slatted bed frame, you should make sure that it’s reliable and robust enough to sustain the mattress you’re using; add your weight into the equation as well.

  • Costs

We all know by now that platform beds feature a flat platform (or slats placed closed to one another) for supporting the mattress, eliminating the need for other types of foundations or box springs. It means you’re not going to spend that much for a new bad so you can afford the pricey mattress that you had your eye on. Not using springs can also help you sleep better at night.

Are there any downsides for the platform bed?

Bells and whistles aside, let’s take a quick look at the downsides when using a platform bed:

  • Price

We know that it sounds weird (it’s an advantage price, right?), but when you get a cheap platform bed, you’re not going to expect much in terms of support, strength, or durability. You do need to pay the extra buck for getting a decent quality platform bed.

  • It’s not suitable for people with knee and back pain

Getting in and out of the platform bed is going to be painful for people already dealing with knee and back problems. A side table can give them the help they need when standing up, though.

  • Moving it around isn’t a breeze

The platform bed has a low profile, but it’s a rather large bed. Once you set it in your bedroom, you need to make sure you’re not going to move it any time soon.

  • It doesn’t work for the side sleepers

The majority of side sleepers aren’t going to find the platform bed comfortable, as we’ve already mentioned it.

  • It’s not easy to lift the corners of the mattress

Raising a mattress on a platform bed isn’t a breeze. You should look for a mattress that comes with handles at the edges so that you can lift it more comfortable.

What’s our final word? Is it a yes or a no?

The low profile, the reliable support, and the modern vibe are the selling points for the platform bed. As long as you’re also aware of its downsides, you shouldn’t wait any longer and give it a try. It fits any bedroom in terms of style and brings the best out of your memory foam mattress. As we all know, that nine time out of ten, you’re using a memory foam mattress already.

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